Customer FAQ


1. About helloPay

1.1 What is helloPay?

1.2 Why should I use helloPay?

1.3 How secure are helloPay transactions?

1.4 How private are helloPay transactions?

1.5 How do I sign up for helloPay?


2. Common Issues

2.1 I've forgotten my password.

2.2 I don’t have a helloPay account, but I have a transaction on my credit card/bank account statement from helloPay that I don’t recognize.

2.3 How can I close my helloPay account?

2.4 Why is my order cancelled?

2.5 Where can I shop with helloPay?

2.6 Can I use other promotions with helloPay?

2.7 Can I make payment for purchases with my helloPay merchant account ?


3. My helloPay Account

3.1 How do I edit my profile?

3.2 Can I use an email address registered with another helloPay account?

3.3 Why do I have to confirm my email address when registering with helloPay?

3.4 Are there any fees associated with using helloPay's service?

3.5 Why is helloPay sending me emails/calling me?


4. Payments

4.1 I would like to deposit funds to my helloPay account

4.2 Do any limits apply?

4.3 Which currencies does helloPay accept?

4.4 Can refund be made with helloPay? What are the fees charged by helloPay for such refund?

4.5 Who should I contact in order to get a refund?

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